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Paris and London. The city of light and the city of smoke. Rival capitals that, despite their many differences, have long been engaged in a special flirtation all their own. To introduce a few of those voices and places that make each city unique, we have created this special cyber-Eurostar.

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Paris et Londres. Ville de lumière et ville de la brume. Cités voisines qui, malgré leurs différences, sont liées de longue date par une relation particulière. Nous avons créé ce site, un “cyber-Eurostar” en quelque sorte, pour vous proposer des endroits insolites et des voix exceptionnelles dans ces lieux.



  • Peacocks to eye in London
    03 March 2011 Staff • L'équipe

    Peacocks to eye in London

    The peacock has always been a powerful symbol of both the sacred (India’s national bird, it inspired the famous Peacock Throne) and the profane (some cultures think its feathers sport the “evil eye”). The Cult of Beauty, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s homage to the 19th century’s Aesthetic Movement is a decorative comeback for the bird.

    But where, besides the blockbuster show, can London’...

  • A very French Resistance
    24 February 2011 Cynthia Rose

    A very French Resistance

    A tall older man (I will learn he is 93) walks toward a seat in this London auditorium. About to see, like all of us, a film about the exiled Free French in the London of World War II. Is he perhaps one of those who appears in the documentary, telling us how that small band found life in those darkest days?

    After all, tonight’s screening is a big deal. Seventy years ago this week, Géneral de Gaulle broadcast l’A...

  • Updating the past tense
    05 January 2011 Cynthia Rose

    Updating the past tense

    One wonders if memory has a colour. When we consider our work, for instance, do we sometimes do so in monochrome? Or is the past just perhaps a slightly faded part of our spectrum? Held in an 18th century residence on the Mile End Road, the installation Romilly’s Tools suggests many questions of tone.

    Romilly’s Tools is both an artist’s book and an exhibition of photographs. In both, elegant black-and-white...

  • Wearing the Wayback Machine
    02 December 2010 Cynthia Rose

    Wearing the Wayback Machine

    The archive of husband-and-wife design team Eley Kishimoto is, to put it mildly, extensive. For two decades, Mark Eley (from Brignend, Wales) and Wakako Kishimoto (from Sapporo, Japan) have launched an ocean of pattern from their south London headquarters. Whether designing women’s fashion, wallpaper or crockery, these days their name is synonymous with masterful surface design.

    Paris, London and Tokyo are home to thei...

  • Smells like team spirit
    en passant
    19 October 2010 Staff • L'équipe

    Smells like team spirit

    Perfume history might seem a natural choice for Harrods, with its acres of cosmetics. But the store’s transition from retail monument to upscale tourist trap makes it hard to imagine they could be showing anything special. Apart, that is, from that incomparable statue in wax of Mohammed Al-Fayed or – even more mind-boggling – its Dodi-and-Di memorial. (Inspiration: Hyde Park’s Peter Pan statue. Execution: a drea...


  • Paris invaded - again
    19 June 2011 Staff • L'équipe

    Paris invaded - again

    Are his works art brut or just sophisticated street games? Whichever, the mutant mosaics placed all over Paris by artist Invader ( a.k.a. Space invader ) are ultra-familiar.

    Witty deformations of characters from the 1978 video game, all boast big eyes, funky crab-like feet and benign demeanor. Part of an ‘invasion’ begun in 1998, these site-specific pieces now cover the city. To Parisians, they are as much a land...

  • Monumental!
    14 June 2011 Staff • L'équipe


    Since the days of Louis Quatorze, Parisians have prized the awe-inspiringly large. But they remain equally proud of their modern and cosmopolitan character. Fitting, then, that two equally epic installations should each offer their own version of ambitious modern grandeur. Both are fantastic, dreamlike spaces – and each was created to order.

    Officially the sculptor Anish Kapoor’s Leviathan is an artwork, while archit...

  • Panter conquers Paris
    30 May 2011 François Landon

    Panter conquers Paris

    Introduction by Cynthia Rose So influential is artist Gary Panter that for the rare show of his work at Gallery Martel, fans have come from Berlin, Japan, Italy and London. His brilliantly hued paintings run end-to-end down the walls of the space – interrupted only by the frenzied lines of his drawings.

    Gallery staff are delighted. “There are artists all over France who have been waiting years for this! Our vernissag...

  • Christian Lacroix in the Middle East
    16 March 2011 Staff • L'équipe

    Christian Lacroix in the Middle East

    Today items such as the burqa have become political tools. Yet, at the Musée de Quai Branly, a former couturier and a curator have framed a look back into the world they first inhabited. The portrait that emerges from L’Orient des Femmes vu par Christian Lacroix is a special one. This is because the world it reveals is so firmly female.

    Conceived by the Lebanese-born expert Hada Al-Banna-Chidiac and lavishly staged by...

  • Who sold the idea?
    02 February 2011 Cynthia Rose

    Who sold the idea?

    The Paris sales take place twice a year, for five weeks, in both July and January. Since 1906, their actual dates have been set by the government. As with la rentrée (the re-entry from summer vacation) or the baccalauréat exams in June, les soldes function as a moment of national re-examination.

    The sales are from being considered an aberration. That place is reserved for London’s after-Christmas frenzy, always a feature...