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Paris and London. The city of light and the city of smoke. Rival capitals that, despite their many differences, have long been engaged in a special flirtation all their own. To introduce a few of those voices and places that make each city unique, we have created this special cyber-Eurostar.

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Paris et Londres. Ville de lumière et ville de la brume. Cités voisines qui, malgré leurs différences, sont liées de longue date par une relation particulière. Nous avons créé ce site, un “cyber-Eurostar” en quelque sorte, pour vous proposer des endroits insolites et des voix exceptionnelles dans ces lieux.



  • Electromagnetism, it’s in the Ether
    14 July 2010 Staff • L'équipe

    Electromagnetism, it’s in the Ether

    The music is entitled “Icelandic Volcano”.

    The players were an improvised ‘orchestra’ comprised of twenty-one theremins, including two theremin cellos, played by Jonathan Golove and Natasha Farny

    Their conductor-guru and celebrity guest: Lydia Kavina, a great-niece of the quirky instrument’s inventor, Lev S Theremin. Having created the theremin in 1919, Theremin instructed Kavina in how to play it during his eig...


  • Well WORTH a fresh look
    05 August 2010 Cynthia Rose

    Well WORTH a fresh look

    The comeback of the House of Worth began in 2010 with a handful of delicate tops, then proceeded to sculptured redingotes, plus a ‘heritage remix’ of the famous fragrance Je reviens (“I’ll be back”). For spring and summer 2011, a series of lavish tutu dresses followed. In historical terms, more than merely a label has been re-awakened. Worth has a unique fashion history, one equally shared between London and P...

  • Perfect Parisian style revisited
    20 July 2010 Staff • L'équipe

    Perfect Parisian style revisited

    The artiste was originally known by his full name, Monsieur Henri Donat Mathieu-Yves-Saint-Laurent.

    Now, he is known as both a three-letter logo on pricey lipsticks and, to costume historians, the architect of a total revolution in women’s clothing.

    On this occasion, the visionary behind le smoking (the “women’s tuxedo”), safari jackets and see-through chiffon, has received a massive summer 2010 retrospective at t...

  • Let them eat cake…carefully
    20 July 2010 Staff • L'équipe

    Let them eat cake…carefully

    The object of desire is the fève, a special good-luck charm.

    You find it during consumption of French galettes des rois, which takes place on January 6 (or the first Sunday of that month) every year in commemoration of Epiphany. Officially a commemoration of Jesus’ presentation to the Three Kings, les rois, the festivity is really rooted in winter solstice rites. It was during these that the Romans ate pastries containing...

  • Papiers de famille
    14 July 2010 Fifi Mandirac

    Papiers de famille

    Ils sont tous faits par cette artiste de papeterie merveilleuse, qui s’appelle Fifi Mandirac.

    Je trouvé mon métier comment j’ai appris à marcher ou à parler. J’ai toujours aimé dessiner, créer et imaginer. Au départ c’étaient des jeux d’enfants, maintenant c’est un métier d’adulte, mais dans le fond c’est un peu la même chose.

    Quand l’inspiration me lâche, c...

  • On with the dance
    en passant
    18 October 2009 Jean Pierre Poulet

    On with the dance

    Repetto uses the romance of ballet to provide ultra-feminine fantasies with their windows. These always draw from the magic of classic dance, which they link to everything sweet and seductive. Founded after World War II by Rose Repetto, (mother of the great 20th century choreographer Roland Petit), the company is known worldwide for launching flat shoes as a fashion craze.

    Their secret weapon, then as now, is the ballerine. ...